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TodoCat - DekuBun - BakuPupper Plushies!

$30.00 - $85.00

Adopt an angry Bakugo pupper, a calm Todoroki cat or cute Deku bunny today!

These plushies are about 6 inches, made with soft mink fabrics and embroidered details. They are the perfect palm sized pals that can go with you on all your heroic adventures!

Each plush comes with a little magnetized snack to feed them with! (carrot for Deku , fish for Todo, and bone for Baku!)

Treats can also be interchanged, and if you want, the cuties can magnet kiss!

NOTE: Each plush is hand made, so there are likely going to small quirks or very minor defects on all of them! Nothing major though :)

ALSO NOTE: Prototype Baku means he has no bone treat and no magnet and is just a little bit smaller! Otherwise, the detailing is the same!