Now able to ship to UK/EU Customers!

The Hero's Potions (BNHA Enamel Pin Collection)


Make sure to grab a potion for your journey!

These enamel pins are all roughly 1.5 inches, hard enamel and gold plating! (With added glitter enamel in the potion liquid ^v^)

NOTE: All pins are in stock and ready to ship! I just haven't had the appropriate weather to take pin pictures at the moment!

Available Potions:
Deku's Bravery - Katsuki's Strength - Shoto's Endurance - Ochaco's Flight - Eijirou's Defense - Tenya's Speed - Denki's Energy - Tsuyu's Health - Momo's Mana - Fumikage's Resistance - Kyoka's Resonance - Mina's Toxicity - Sero's Dexterity - Hitoshi's Clairvoyance