Variety Mystery Box!

$45.00 - $85.00
  • Variety Mystery Box!
  • Variety Mystery Box!
  • Variety Mystery Box!

A big blind box containing a huge variety of fandom goodies!

Available in Standard and Stellar sizes: what the boxes contain is listed in the images- The box is guaranteed to have a huge value- Over $125 for Standard and over $235 for Stellar!

Special items include anything that is of a higher value then a standard pin or a charm- such as shakers, tote bags, candy bag charms etc!

Fandoms that you could get: Voltron, My Hero Academia, Shera, Demon Slayer, Owl House, SK8, Pokemon, Avatar, Ghibli and many many more!

Please list customization in the text box at check out- Please keep it to the designated 2 or 4 depending on your chosen box! ALSO! If you have a specific item already that you don't want repeated, you can list that, but it will count as one of your fandom slots!