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'Plus Ultra Pieces!' BNHA Candy Shaker Charm

$16.00 - $20.00

In need of a power pick me up? Try 'Plus Ultra Pieces!' - the best candy for heroes-in-training and fans alike! (Warning: May include a tiny epic hero)

Available 'Quirky' Flavors/Mixes:
- Explosion (Bakugo)
- Half Hot Half Cold (Todoroki)
- One for All (Deku)
- Hardening (Kirishima)
- Zero Gravity (Ochaco)
- Brainwash (Shinso)

(Look out for more flavors to come!)

A 3.5 inch acrylic charm with 7 small acrylic pieces that move around inside! Comes on a gold star clasp, and optional resin on both sides to increase durability! (Last image shows difference between with resin (left) or without (right))

NOTE: All Ochaco charms are missing 1 cotton candy piece! This doesn't deplete value or cost, it's just something to be aware of!