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Wolfwood's Cig Box Shaker Charm/Prop

$16.00 - $26.00

Wolfwood's particular brand of cigs as seen in Trigun Stampede!

This shaker piece comes in 4 variants!

Shaker Charm: 3.5 inches and comes on a silver D clasp, clear edge, blue vial piece lacks some color

Resin Shaker Charm: 3.5 inches, resin on both sides, comes on a silver D clasp, full bleed edge

Cosplay Prop: 4.25 inches, with no charm attachments, and is meant to be used as a cosplay prop- Roughly the actual size of a cigarette box!

Big Fidget: 5 inches, no charm attachments, resin on both sides, blue vial piece lacks some color- This is a misprint of the original cosplay prop size that came too big, but makes for a fun desk fidget!

All have the same 4 moving pieces inside

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