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SK8 The Infinity Dress-Up Acrylic Charms! (LIMITED STOCK)

$30.00 - $50.00

Dressing up your favorite skaters can be totally infinite!

These fancy acrylic charms are 3.5 inches tall, moveable and comes in 9 pieces! You will receive the 'frame' which can be slid open and closed, and 8 thin pieces of acrylic that you can layer to dress up and design your charm however you like! Reki comes on a star clasp and Langa on a moon!

Charms also come with PVC card- this can be used to help slide the charm closed without damaging the acrylic in case your charm has a tighter turn dial!

Please note: These are in extremely limited stock online!!! I'm prioritizing these pieces for cons so it's first come first serve here!